Snack Time

Nosh Pit’s Afternoon Snack Break

We interrupt this workday to tantalize you with some delicious local treat. Today: spring rolls.

By Christopher Werner May 12, 2011

Monsoon’s crispy imperial rolls. Photo: Jess Thomson.

Among the many yummers gracing the menu at Monsoon are these crispy imperial rolls. They’re stuffed with a mix of kurobuta pork and shrimp—plus a dash of carrot, yellow onion, and taro root—and served with a side of kicky nuoc cham sauce.

To achieve the inimitable skin blanketing those ingredients, toques steep the rice paper in beer. Beer! Then the roll is deep fried. Talk about a winning combo.

A plateful is priced at $8.50 but if you’d rather try your hand making them at home, by all means do.

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