Charcuterie, cheeses, and stuff you “might find in a picnic basket” will headline the menu at Cure.

Amy Haldane gets in touch to say Cure, the Capitol Hill bar and snack spot she’s opening with husband Eric, is eyeing a May 10th open. The caveat is Haldane chased that date with a “keep your fingers crossed,” and anybody who pays attention to this stuff reckons delays are ineluctable. So we’ll see.

Cure is one to get excited about. It’s small, but in a way that adds über-charm, and as Jess Voelker pointed out when she first reported on the joint, the Haldanes are industry vets. When I met the pair and toured their 750-square-footer, it was clear they are more than eager to steer their own venture and imbue the sort of customer insight only years in the biz affords.

Also working in their favor is the fact that Eric Hentz of Mallet designed the space. His resume boasts such beauts as Spinasse, Café Presse, and The Saint. Plus, the people-watching opps are exceptional.

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