Don’t even try it.

Happy Earth Day! Hope you’re in the mood to counteract some of that ecologically minded earnestness with a healthy serving of snark, because this week’s food tweets come to us from some of our favorite Tweeting comedians.

5. NYC comedian Hari Kondabolu observes:

We have "Earth Day" in the US, but we also have "National Egg Salad Week." I believe this clarifies our position on the planet.

4. In the it’s-funny-because-it’s-true category, a food headline from the Onion.

Man Eating Cashew Butter Can’t Believe He Wasted So Many Years Fucking Around With Peanut Butter. #OnionReview #OnionReview

3. Even more truth from Kat Kinsman. She is an editor, not a comedian, but whatever.

There is a 0% chance that you will load your parents’ dishwasher "correctly." Scientific fact.

2. Conan writer Dan Cronin is very funny.

Looking for a cool mixture? Try sushi, Bordeaux, and Zithromax.

1. But our favorite funny Tweet this week? Comedian Will Ferrell’s devastating muffins-to-cupcakes diss, which subtly doubles as a takedown of the tweeter tendency to create epistolary tweets addressing inanimate objects. (Example: "Dear Seattle, thanks for not raining today!")

Dear Cupcakes, The fact that you cover yourselves up with icing says a lot about your self-esteem. Sincerely, Muffins

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