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Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week: Comedian Edition

Earth day vs. egg salad week, cashew butter vs. peanut butter, muffins vs. cupcakes.

By Jessica Voelker April 22, 2011

Don’t even try it.

Happy Earth Day! Hope you’re in the mood to counteract some of that ecologically minded earnestness with a healthy serving of snark, because this week’s food tweets come to us from some of our favorite Tweeting comedians.

5. NYC comedian Hari Kondabolu observes:

We have "Earth Day" in the US, but we also have "National Egg Salad Week." I believe this clarifies our position on the planet.

4. In the it’s-funny-because-it’s-true category, a food headline from the Onion.

Man Eating Cashew Butter Can’t Believe He Wasted So Many Years Fucking Around With Peanut Butter. http://onion.com/eqUBFn #OnionReview #OnionReview

3. Even more truth from Kat Kinsman. She is an editor, not a comedian, but whatever.

There is a 0% chance that you will load your parents’ dishwasher "correctly." Scientific fact.

2. Conan writer Dan Cronin is very funny.

Looking for a cool mixture? Try sushi, Bordeaux, and Zithromax.

1. But our favorite funny Tweet this week? Comedian Will Ferrell’s devastating muffins-to-cupcakes diss, which subtly doubles as a takedown of the tweeter tendency to create epistolary tweets addressing inanimate objects. (Example: "Dear Seattle, thanks for not raining today!")

Dear Cupcakes, The fact that you cover yourselves up with icing says a lot about your self-esteem. Sincerely, Muffins

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