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Nosh Pit’s Top Food Tweets of the Week

Plucked from the Twittersphere: Cruel tweasing, calling BS on a drinking poll, and a missed opportunity to eat horse.

By Jessica Voelker April 8, 2011

There goes dinner.

Photo courtesy: hedweb.com

This week will be forever cemented in our minds as the one when Seattle Weekly published a fake cover story mocking the farm-to-table movement. And whether or not you agree with his assessment of said story, you have to admit that Ronald Holden never leaves you wondering what his opinion might be.

5. @seatttleweekly editor Mike Seely runs bogus cover story about a batshit crazy restaurateur http://bit.ly/gLNWVm Lame, lame, lame.

4. Big news this week: Betz Winery was sold to "newcomers" (oh, Seattle). Wine writer Paul Gregutt got the story but before he published it, he felt the need to Tweet a few teases (tweases?).

First there was:
HUGE WA wine news about to break. I will tweet as soon as it’s official.

and then:
Sworn to silence a little longer.

and then:
Waiting for the green light. Within next 6 – 12 hours?

And finally:
It’s official – Betz Family Winery has been sold. Details on my blog – www.paulgregutt.com

Geez Louise, Gregutt.

3. We don’t believe it either, Lindsay Johnson.

Only 5% of Americans drink daily? I don’t believe it. http://bit.ly/igmZf7

2. Can you help? Tara Austen Weaver sent this out to the world, and now we can’t stop thinking about it.

Okay you food people, how would you describe the flavor of a chestnut? I’m stumped today.

1. And finally, topping the list this week is a little gem from the Seattle food scene’s most original Tweeter, Herbfarm owner Ron Zimmerman.

Thinking about what to cook for dinner oddly has me wondering why I didn’t order the horse when in Belgium

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