Marination Mobile Will Bottle, Sell "Nunya" Sauce

You can get it at Marination Station when it opens.

By Christopher Werner April 6, 2011

Godspeed replicating these at home, but a bottle of Marination Mobile’s nunya sauce might make it easier.

A sunny bit I spaced on mentioning in Tuesday’s First Look at Marination Station: the Cap Hill street food counter will vend one of Marination Mobile’s signature condiments, the "nunya" sauce.

MM regulars know nunya as that liberal garnish on favorites like the spicy pork torta and Korean pork tacos. It’s also one of the ingredients that helped Marination win the title of America’s best food cart on Good Morning America. (Watch a video of GMA chatting about it here.) What makes nunya so nummy? Don’t bother asking, the name implies "none of your business."

Also for purchase at the Station will be pickled onions, co-owner Kamala Saxton says.

It’s a wise move, this bottling and selling. As the Marination duo has probably caught on, all the cool kids are doing it.

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