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Canlis Bartender Takes Wine Enthusiast "Beyond Classic Cocktails"

Shine for James MacWilliams and a couple of new cocktail recipes.

April 5, 2011

James MacWilliams’ Prosperina margarita: tequila, St Germain, lime juice, and simple syrup.

Photo: Brian Canlis

Wine Enthusiast isn’t telling us a lot we don’t know when they talk about the winning ways of Canlis bartender James MacWilliams.

After all, two of his cocktails recently featured in the magazine have already been written about on this very blog—look here and here.

But it’s still cool to see him get such prominent recognition in the national press. MacWilliams was included in the March 2011 issue of the magazine, you can read the full article, titled “Beyond Classic Cocktails,” here.

Recipes we haven’t seen before include a Medoc Cocktail and something called the McCracken Pike Manhattan.

Was the latter drink named for Brian McCracken, half of the chef team at Spur and Tavern Law? Doesn’t say. You’ll have to ask MacWilliams next time you’re at Canlis.

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