Zoka’s fourth location opens April 11.

Photo Courtesy: Zoka Coffee

As if consumable treat-wealthy South Lake Union needed something else to be psyched about, now it gets a Zoka?

I just spoke with an employee at Zoka HQ about the company’s new location at 351 Boren Avenue North in South Lake Union. "It’s in one of the buildings of one of the new companies down there. You can probably guess which one," he told me.

Mysterious. And by mysterious I mean Amazon.

The new store will resemble the Kirkland location, said the employee. Of the three existent local Zokas, Kirkland’s is decidedly the fanciest, with sleek modern lighting and a big communal table carved from a tree trunk. (For maximum Northwestiness, please add communal table carved from a tree trunk).

The South Lake Union Zoka will open on April 11.

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