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UPDATED: Seattle Restaurants Rallying for Japan, Part II

The list keeps growing and growing.

By Christopher Werner March 18, 2011

Kushibar in Belltown is one of many Seattle restaurants taking part in Red, White, Unite for Japan.

The outpouring of support from Seattle’s food community has been commendable, to say the least. Earlier in the week I posted a roundup of Seattle restaurants donating to Red Cross and other relief organizations. Since then, the number of businesses lending a hand has grown considerably. Which means it’s time for an update.

A whole huge crop signed on with Red, White, Unite. On April 6 participants are handing over ten percent of their sales to Peace Winds America. Those participants include Heather and Scott Staples’s trio of eateries, Quinn’s, Uneeda Burger, and Restaurant Zoë. In Belltown there’s also Kushibar and Umi Sake House. On Capitol Hill, The Saint, Poppy, The Honey Hole, Tidbit Bistro, and Tango.

And that’s just naming a few of ‘em folks—there’s about 20 more in this most recent batch of contributors, sprinkled throughout the city (and Puget Sound). Here’s the full list of Red, White, Unite restaurants.

UPDATED 3/22 KOMO News brings word of a bevy of West Seattle restaurants donating to Peace Winds Japan and KnK International on Sunday, March 27.

If you don’t want to have to sit down to help, all Metropolitan Market coffee shops are donating any tips to Save the Children’s Children in Emergency fund. That’s happening through March 21.

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