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Biting into a HoneyHole sandwich feels kind of like what you see on those juicy burger commercials. You know, it’s a little obscene—special sauce dribbling down your chin, as a look of pure ecstasy spreads across your face mid-bite. The little sandwich shop knows how to turn a simple lunch item into a dinner spectacle: The smoke-flavored shaved meats are layered between pesto spreads and fresh vegetables, combined with the melted provolone cheese, and packed into a flaky, warm roll. All in a jolly alt dive along the Pike/Pine corridor.

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Dinner, Late Night, Lunch
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The HoneyHole

703 E Pike St, Seattle, WA, 98122
Capitol Hill  •  206-709-1399
Mon–Thu & Sun 11am–midnight <br /> Fri & Sat 11am–1am