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New Efforts to Get Washington Out of the Booze Business

Different initiatives, same issue. Privatization is back, baby.

By Jessica Voelker March 22, 2011

Katherine Heigl likes her booze the way she likes her men: strong and private*

*I don’t know if anything in that sentence is true.

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Here we go again. There are two new liquor-privatization ideas floating around in anticipation of the fall ballot next year.

Conservative blogger Stefan Sharkansky, who worked on I-1000,* filed a new initiative on March 18. It proposes, among other things, that only stores that haven’t had a public safety violation in five years be allowed to sell liquor. (As you’ll recall, the anti-privatization people were very successful at scaring the bejesus out of our citizenry about what calamities might ensue should spirits be sold outside the purview of state stores. This part of Sharkansky’s initiative addresses those fears.)

Tacoma businessman Tom Luce, meanwhile, has come up with another privatization idea: private distributors bid to partner with the state "to the tune of $300 million," reports the Seattle PI.

I’ll be writing more as all this progresses, if for no other reason than it gives me an excuse to post pictures of celebrities in liquor stores. Celebrities in liquor stores! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

*Don’t remember good old I-1000? Take a trip down privatization-memory lane.

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