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Coffee Discovery: Oso Negro

Smooth brews from our neighbors to the north.

March 18, 2011

Coffee, the most important thing in the world.

So I know we’re supposed to be the coffee capitol of the world or whatever, and indeed it seems there are more delicious espresso drinks (americanos at Fonte, lattes at Stumptown, anything from Lighthouse) poured around this town than maybe anywhere else on earth. And many of our local offerings work delectably at home when you make coffee in a French press or a good espresso machine.

However. On weekdays, coffee at my house is brewed in a drip machine. People have tried to talk me out of this. I’ve worked in some very good coffee shops on the other coast, and my bosses could never believe I insisted on using an auto-drip at home given all the wisdom they’d so generously bestowed upon me.

But listen: I’m lazy. And always running about half an hour behind schedule. I don’t want to deal with my French press on Tuesday morning. I’ll see you Saturday afternoon, French press, when I’m lounging with a magazine, small dog resting her velvety head on my knee.

I’ve tried every local brand of coffee in Mr. Coffee, and some of the roasters I love best have delivered the most disappointing results. But Oso Negro, a coffee company based in Nelson, BC, is different. The princess of darkness (organic Columbian supremo) is the coffee they serve at diners in heaven—strong to the point of bracing, soul-reviving, smooth with an easygoing finish so you have none of that rank coffee aftertaste. It tastes good in a drip machine. Great, even.

You can order it online here. And don’t forget to leave your beans at room temperature. You’re special ordering those little suckers from Canada now, don’t torture them by sticking them in the freezer.

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