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Andrew Bohrer Leaves MistralKitchen

Ashley Pugh takes charge behind the bar.

March 27, 2011

Ashley Pugh takes over as bar boss at Mistralkitchen

Andrew Bohrer, whose lovely cocktails have been a calling card for MistralKitchen since it opened, worked his last shift at the South Lake Union restaurant on Friday, March 25.

Bohrer plans to do some consulting and work part-time at Rob Roy in Belltown as he prepares for future projects. (Check his blog for updates). Rob Roy has also recently experienced changes; Zane Harris, once a frequent sight behind the bar there, is no longer involved in the business. But Rob Roy also doubles as a sort of sanctuary for craft bartenders at career crossroads. Jamie Boudreau and former Vessel bar manager Jim Romdall both make drinks there. With Bohrer aboard, plus staffers like Philip Trickey and Bryn Lumsden, it is now home to an almost unseemly amount of talent behind the bar.

That means good drinks, and lots of them, for you, fair customer. Happy hour is 4 to 7pm.

MistralKitchen bartender Ashley Pugh—gloved ice carver and rye whiskey simple syrup evangelist taking charge of that restaurant’s drinks. I haven’t heard back from her yet (busy weekend, perhaps?) but hope to talk to her soon about what we can expect to change, and stay the same, at Mistral.

UPDATE! From Pugh: “Andrew left us a great bar program and I don’t intend to make a lot of changes. The menu of course will be different, but we’ll be sticking with Bohrer’s Guide to Building Bar Menus. Expect big ice, fire, and tiki.”

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