Last week, Seattle Met’s panel of tasters frittered away an afternoon sampling fritters, maple bars, old fashioneds, and new-fashioned flavors from eight bakeries—including big-name chains, mom and pops, and a few up-and-comers. Each bakery submitted the two varieties (well, one cheated and brought three) that best represented its style.

Top marks went to those that managed the trifecta of a light and airy dough, the right amount of sweetness, and a distinct flavor, but individual favorites were varied—almost every doughnut got at least one top vote from a reviewer.

Some preferred a sticky sweet confection of fried goodness, others preferred a more savory pastry with a little crunch to it. After sampling them all we confirmed something we’d always suspected: That our local doughnut offerings are an awesome bunch indeed.

Check out our slideshow to read tasting notes and find our three favorites, plus prices and ordering info.

All photos by Lucas Anderson.

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