Lecosho: Where Porkophiles Go to Eat

(We could’ve said "pig out," but that’s just too easy.)

By Christopher Werner February 24, 2011

The porchetta at Lecosho: a must-order.

Between pie and porchetta, Kathryn Robinson has had one belly filling month.

For her latest review, the Seattle Met restaurant critic sits down at Matt Janke’s Harbor Steps restaurant, Lecosho, where not only is she enticed by the sophisticated, buzzing vibe, but a bill that trots across countries and cuisines.

Among the many porky dishes she encounters—chorizo-embellished mussels, pork belly rillettes, house-brined pork chop—the aforementioned porchetta is the headliner. Look at that picture—it’s a round of pork tenderloin plumped with pork belly, then served over white bean and baby turnip ragout—and it’s easy to see why Robinson calls it a new classic.

To learn what other dishes had Robinson getting piggy, read the review of Lecosho.

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