Taste of the Town: Billie Wildrick

It’s Fran’s chocolates and cocktails at Zig Zag for the blonde bombshell of the Seattle stage.

By Clancey Denis January 19, 2011

Vanities star Billie Wildrick still snacks on stacked-up cheese slices.

She’s lived in Baltimore, New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit, Snohomish, Bellingham, and finally Seattle.

She’s an actress, a singer, a poet, a knitter, a teacher, and a guitarist.

On stage she’s been a hippie, a punk groupie, a stewardess, a showgirl, a teeny-bopper, a grandmother, the blonde quarter of an intrepid radio quartet, and a sassy small town waitress.

“I think I’m something of an odd sheep or a black duck or whatever," explains actress Billie Wildrick. "More so than people anticipate with all the blonde hair and the ingenues and stuff. But I am happy with that.”

This year, Wildrick stars in 5th Avenue Theater’s new musical Vanities, followed by its production of Guys and Dolls. After that comes designing and teaching a class at Freehold Theatre.

Even with such a busy schedule, a girl’s gotta eat, and there is no place better to do that than the city she swears is “the greatest there is.”

Are you or have you ever been a vegan?
Nope. I was a vegetarian for almost three years in Bellingham. Seemed a good place for it.

Favorite way to burn calories?
Singing and dancing. Day-long city walks. The zen experience of the stairs that never stop coming at the gym….

Eat to live or live to eat?
Eat to live, generally. There is a rabid hedonist in me who would say otherwise, but I have to keep her in check due to time restrictions and—yes, I’ll say it—keeping poundage at bay.

Where do you take out-of-town guests to eat?
I’m a fan of the Heavy Restaurant Group: Barrio and Purple. (Did you look up in Purple and feel like you were one of four and 20 blackbirds being baked into a pie? Try it.) I like to show off the cocktails at Zig Zag and I am a recent fan of Toulouse Petit.

What’s your guilty food pleasure?
I am embarrassed at the pleasure I still take in folding American cheese slices into quarters—even eighths—and eating them in stacks. But I think you mean something more along the lines of Fran’s gray salt caramels. Very guilty.

Dessert or appetizer?
Appetizers. I love small bites of many things. My palate has ADD.

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