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Free Gumbo at Steelhead Diner

On Tuesday, February 1, the Pike Place eatery will give away free cups of NOLA-style stew.

By Jessica Voelker January 31, 2011

Roux la la: Steelhead Diner is giving away gumbo on Tuesday.

What makes Steelhead Diner’s gumbo so spectacular is the roux. It’s rich and dark, the kind some people refer to as “black roux,” even though it is not black. Generous pieces of juicy chicken and andouille sausage don’t hurt either, nor do lovely wilted hunks of celery and peppers, or the green onion-topped pile of soak-it-up rice that you stir into it. From my Nancy Leson reading I have also learned that Davis uses ham hock in his stock.

I had the pleasure of eating a big bowl of this hearty stew the other day and I can tell you—as someone who spent a week last summer eating her way through the gumbos of New Orleans—it’s a stand-up bowl. Chef Kevin Davis is from that part of the world, after all. He knows what he is doing.

Anyway on Tuesday, February 1, Steelhead celebrates its fourth birthday by offering a free cup of gumbo with every purchase.

Go forth and take advantage.

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