The interior of Dope Burger in Belltown. Photo courtesy Dope Burger.

RIP Noodle Ranch, your marinated curry catfish will be missed, but let’s admit it’s nice to see a fresh face perk up that scruffy block of Second Avenue in Belltown.

Noodle’s big guns pulled a switcheroo shortly after the New Year, transforming the erstwhile pan-Asian favorite at 2228 2nd Ave into Dope Burger, which debuted about a week ago.

Among its notable qualities—the number of specialty burgers, avocado fries, under-$8 price tags—is the fact that Dope flips patties into the early AM. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the shack stays open until 1:30, and employees tell us the entire menu is available till it’s lights out.

That means you have the option of a “Dope Burger”—your traditional cheese-tomato-lettuce quarter-pounders, with the occasional splash of specialty sauce—or, for the more fervent eater, a beefier, gussied-up “Especially Dope Burger.” Vegetarian blottos, note the “Sloppy Jane,” a vegan patty with beets, yams, red rice, Swiss cheese, avocado, and dill cream, or the “Super Mario,” a mushroom cap breaded, fried, and filled.

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