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Northwest by Far East: the Insider’s Guide to Asian Food in Seattle

January 25, 2011 Published in the February 2011 issue of Seattle Met


There’s only one bland thing about this Szechuan specialist across from Crossroads Mall—and who needs decor anyhow? Here the incinerating cuisine is prepared with laboratory precision, according to a complex two-part metric of “hot spicy” and “numbing spicy”—yes, they’re different—that the wise approach with respect.

Who’s here Lots of young families, inexplicably, whose children must have asbestos teeth.
Don’t miss Szechuan specialties one doesn’t find everywhere: Chong Qing hot pots with tripe and pig intestine brought to table over a flame; the chili-lavished stir-fries called dry pots—one made with frog’s legs—which rates “extra” on both the hot and numbing scales; the scorched-rice dishes that are a staple of Szechuan cuisine.
Pssst Do miss the lackluster non-Szechuan items—come for the fire or don’t come at all.

Spicy Talk Bistro

Chef Cheng Biao Yang, who learned from cooking in Beijing and Shanghai exactly what it takes to put the hot in hotshot, is a famously peripatetic restaurateur—he’s left his sizzling mark from Seven Stars Pepper in Greenwood to the second Seven Stars Pepper on Jackson to Szechuan Chef in Bellevue. Now he’s popped up in a colorful Redmond strip mall storefront where spices are so deftly and liberally deployed, heads regularly explode. In a good way.

Who’s here Chinese Microsofties, lunch and dinner.
Don’t miss Dan Dan hand-shaved noodles, flaky green-onion pancakes, mouth-searing Chong Qing hot chicken.
Pssst Order $30 worth and they’ll deliver, gratis, within three miles.

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