Jade Garden

All right, so Seattle is no mecca for the Chinese small-plates-on-rolling-carts breakfast feast known as dim sum. That said, Joy Palace (see The True Taste of Asia) and Jade Garden do it best—and, as if to prove it, the wait in line for Jade Garden runs 40 minutes most weekends. The reason? A huge selection, from standards like fluffy barbecue pork buns to exotics like chicken feet, arriving steaming hot where hot is warranted.

Who’s here A whole lot fewer bodies if you arrive between opening at 9am and about 10:30am.
Don’t miss Uncommonly flavorful pan-fried daikon radish cakes.
Pssst Uh, clean freaks beware—Jade Garden has a lot in its plus column, but pristine quarters ain’t among them.


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