The Top 10 New Dishes of 2010

The #9 New Dish of 2010: Where Ya At Matt’s Oyster Po’Boy

Seattle’s nascent mobile scene got a delicious Creole kick with the inception of Matthew Lewis’s truck.

By Christopher Werner December 21, 2010

Where the ’boy is birthed: the Where Ya At Matt food truck.

2010 was a biggie for restaurant openings in Seattle. Nosh Pit looks back on the year with a survey of new standout foods we couldn’t stop talking about.

There are po’boys to be had in this city, but few are spun with more down-south beauty than those of Matthew Lewis.

Lewis, a N’Awlins native, christened his food truck Where Ya at Matt in early August. The maroon kitchen-on-wheels was an instant hit, thanks to the affable Lewis’s long list of Creole staples—and especially, the fried oyster po’boy.

At bites a mess of a sandwich—count ’em, there’s close to 10 oysters there; loads of slippy-slidey Mama Lil’s dressings, too—it makes for a flavor bomb bursting with the brine of lightly breaded bivalves and feisty pickles and peppers. The bread is the stuff of po’boy perfection.

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