This burger kills hangovers.

The only good thing about having a New Year’s hangover is that it gives you permission to start the year off eating whatever your heavy little heart desires.

I asked my fellow Seattle Met employees about their favorite foods to help get back in the game on January 1. Those, plus some of my own favorite under-the-weather-options, are below.

10. Plum Bistro’s spicy chili macaroni and yease is the vegan cafe’s take on an old-school comfort food. “Nutritional yeast, aka vegan Parmesan cheese, is fortified with B12,” explained one of our more health conscious editors. Since hangovers have been linked to B12 deficiencies, some believe the vitamin can reduce symptoms. “I feel like I’m getting back on track with food that is also super flavorful,” said our editor.

9. For an entirely different type of hangover personality—the kind that relishes slipping back into last night’s jeans and maybe lights up a clove cigarette on the way to brunch, the thing to do is to toast to the hair of the dog that bit you with a spicy bloody mary (and maybe a breakfast burrito) at Linda’s Tavern.

8. Another of my coworkers, one clearly blessed with an enviable digestive system, suggested the 12-egg omelet at Beth’s Cafe for hangover breakfast.

7. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which always seems to help me when I’m not feeling well, whether the sickness is self-imposed or not. This, plus all the comforting carbs in the crust, is what makes pizza such an excellent hangover option. Here are our opinions on the local offerings.

6. Sometimes, though, a hangover inspires a fried chicken craving. At Ezell’s you can scratch that itch while also loading up on a few buttery, fluffy rolls and a cute little container or two of mashed potatoes and gravy.

5. More adventurous palates will savor a steamy bowl of Korean soft tofu stew, or sundubu, a funky, burbling bowl of cloudy tofu goodness. I like the kimchi and beef version at Korean Tofu House (4142 Brooklyn Ave NE) in the U-District, it’s a little bit spicy and the pervasive fermented cabbage has an anciently medicinal quality while the beef adds meaty richness.

4. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the perfect combo of Vitamin C plus gooey, buttery sandwich. Taste at SAM has the best in town.

3. Every foodie in Seattle will tell you that if used correctly, the Spring Hill burger could probably cure any ailment that plagues humanity. So your cute little hangover is certainly no match for this half-pounder smothered with thousand island dressing, two slices of cheese, and thick bacon.

2. One of my coworkers shared her new favorite hangover cure: The fried egg sandwich with housemade ham and Beecher’s jack cheese from Tom Douglas’s Seatown Seabar. The roll comes from Douglas’s Dahlia Bakery. “The sandwich is great but that ham, man, it really helps,” says my esteemed colleague. Starbucks’ reduced-fat egg-white and turkey bacon sandwiches got a nod from a busy calorie counter on our staff—that suggestion might come in handy to anyone who finds themselves traveling or starting a diet this first of the year.

1. But in my humble opinion, pho Vietnamese noodle soup is the world’s best hangover food. Pho Bac (415 7th Ave S) in the I.D. may not look like much, but it has the deepest, the richest, the most health-affirming broth in town. If you’re looking for a more refined setting, try the oxtail pho with hon shimeji, oyster, and shiitake mushrooms on Monsoon’s brunch menu .

Then see if you don’t leave feeling a whole heck of a lot better about the year to come.

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