Tavolàta’s Family-Style Supper Series Begins

First up: lamb.

By Jessica Voelker November 5, 2010

Aw. Tavolàta’s nose-to-tail monthly feasts take advantage of every part of the animal. For vegetarians and the cute-sensitive, there’s a spring vegetable dinner in May.

Ethan Stowell-owned, Brandon Kirksey-cheffed Tavolàta is getting in on the Sunday supper action with a once-a-month, family-style feast to be served at the restaurant’s communal table.

The dinners are held on the first Sunday of each lunar cycle—this Sunday, November 7 the star ingredient is lamb. Dishes shall include lamb’s tongue bruschetta; rigatoni with lamb sausage, mint and tomato; gnocchi with braised lamb’s neck; and whole-roasted leg of lamb with rapini and polenta.

Call 206-838-8008 to reserve. If there are no more seats, sign up for future feasts featuring lobster (December 5), suckling pig (January 9), seafood (February 6), whole roasted goat (March 6), wild fowl and eggs (April 3), and—hello vegetarians, did you make it through that thing about lamb’s tongue?—spring vegetables (May 1).

Dinners range from $45 to $60 per person.

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