I didn’t want you guys to have to look at that same old photo of a beige state liquor store that accompanies every single blog post about liquor privatization. So here’s Rachel B. buying some booze.

With the no vote around 63 percent at last count, Washington voters seem to have soundly rejected liquor privatization initiative 1105. The measure, backed by out-of-state distributors, would have done away with the liquor tax and privatized retail, but preserved the three-tier system that segregates the manufacture, distribution, and sales of booze.

It’s still too close to call on I-1100. The so-called Costco measure is currently trailing with a no vote of 52 percent, but it might be a few days before we know for sure whether or not it passed, according to a recent report by KUOW News.

If I-1100 passes, Washington state will privatize all liquor stores, allow retailers of beer and wine to stock the hard stuff, and abolish the three-tier system. It would also allow stores to offer discounts for bulk sales. Bulk discounts are prohibited under the current law.

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