Umai-Do will sell traditional Japanese confections such as daifuku, manju cakes surrounded by mochi—a chewy paste of glutinous rice and sugar.

In just a few months Umai-do, (which means "delicious way"), the Japanese sweet shop from Seattle lifer Art Oki, will open at 1825 S Jackson Street.

You may have read about Oki—who grew up eating fresh, "chewy" manju at Sagamiya bakery on Main Street (now a beauty parlor)—in this Edible Seattle article by Julia Harrison. Or you may have tasted Oki’s mochi-wrapped manju at the Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival last year.

I spoke with Oki on the phone today, he says that in addition to traditional Japanese sweets, Umai-do will sell seasonal, Hawaiian-style mochi in flavors like guava and pineapple. He’s also incorporating chocolate and peanut butter into some less conventional confections.

We’ll pass on specific opening announcements when we get them.