Tuesday Beer Deal: The Noble Fir

Drink $4 IPAs with the camping kids.

October 5, 2010

The Noble Fir has $4 IPAs on Tuesdays. Naturally.
Photo: The Noble Fir

Haven’t broken out the fleece yet? Here’s your occasion.

Every Tuesday The Noble Fir, a new bar on Ballard Ave, charges just $4 for single, 20 oz IPAs. All.Night.Long.

The Noble Fir is a bar for the earthy set, for the kids who joined Outward Bound trips in high school—not as part of a marijuana-related out-of-court settlement, but because they wanted to. For the kids who drink coffee from those blue-speckled camping cups even when they’re at home. For the kids who make their own trail mix and will never give up on Phish, who keep their kayaks in the front hall, and who bestow affectionate nicknames upon their mud-splattered Subaru wagons.

And as any one who went to college around the turn of the last century can tell you, these kids always drink the good beer.

Noble Fir does not disappoint. I mean the fact that the bar has specified that only single IPAs are $4 should tell you something. They’ve got good beer. They’ve got Indica IPA from Lost Coast Brewery in California for instance, and Racer 5 from Bear Republic Brewing Co. If you like hoppy-to-the-max beers and hiking, I think we’ve found your bar.

I should mention too, for you ciderheads, that Noble Fir has a wide selection. This includes a cider from Green Mountain Cidery in Vermont, a state full of people that would love this bar.

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