Museum of the American Cocktail: A Brief (and Sometimes Blurry) Tour

A Seattleite is one of the founders of this trippy New Orleans museum. Come check it out.

October 6, 2010


This one’s way overdue. Back when I was in New Orleans this summer I visited the Museum of the American Cocktail, and I wanted to share some of the fascinating and wonderful bric-a-brac I saw there.

Feeling you like a need a Seattle connection? Let me help you out with that. One of the founders of the museum is Robert Hess, a Microsoftee who is also Seattle’s reigning cocktail expert and the guy behind Drinkboy.Com.

The museum is definitely in its infancy—it’s currently hidden in the back of the Southern Museum of Food and Drink. Like Kanye, it will only get harder, better, faster, stronger. Meantime, it’s a total trip. To get there, I traversed an insane shopping mall whose sole purpose appeared to be stocking New Orleans with colorful iphone shells. It was weird. But worth it!

If you love old cocktail stuff, check out the slideshow.

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