Local Chef’s Project: Food on the Human Form

For Tiberio Simone, happiness is at the intersection of food and touch.

By Jessica Voelker October 11, 2010

The Book’s working title is LaFiga: Visions of Food and Form. See more photos at

So I saw this guy Tiberio Simone speak at TedX Rainier this weekend and, I don’t know, I just couldn’t keep it to myself somehow. Simone is a native Italian who married a Seattleite and moved here, he currently works as a caterer and personal chef under the brand LaFiga.

In his nine-minute TED talk, Simone described how he thinks food and sensuous touch are the keys to happiness.

To express this, he and his friend, a photographer called Matt Freedman, take pictures of naked people with food on them. They are currently looking for a publisher for their book.

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