Free Fries Are Back At Pike Street Fish Fry

Friday, October 15: $2 pints and $0 frites on Capitol Hill.

By Jessica Voelker October 12, 2010

Pike Street Fish Fry—where you can get free French fries this Friday, October 15 from 5 to 7pm.

Every third Friday of the month from 5 to 7pm, Pike Street Fish Fry gives away French fries and charges $2 for a pint of beer from New Belgium Brewing.

And every lunar cycle we remind you of this momentous event. Because we love you, and we need to let you know what kind of New Belgium beer you’ll be drinking. This Friday, October 15 it is New Belgium’s Hoptober Golden Ale.

You can also get the free fries at nearby Moe Bar, where you’ll have a better chance of sitting down to eat them. Maybe. But the Hoptober there will cost you $3. What a rip off! Just kidding, it sounds awesome.

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