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The Year’s Biggest Restaurant Trend—Seattle’s On It

Chefs’ gardens top one 2010 trends list. And Seattle’s got plenty of them.

By Christopher Werner October 5, 2010

Homegrown goodness at Trellis.

When we compiled this year’s Food Lovers’ Guide, we consulted our crystal ball to parse out the trends taking this city in new directions. One of the biggies: the edible garden. Chefs all over town—Bastille ’s Shannon Galusha, Brian Scheehser of Trellis, Jerry Traunfeld at Poppy —are growing their own produce in on-site veg beds.

Considering Seattle’s on-top-of-it stock of toques, it’s no surprise, then, to see the kitchen garden crowning the first (of what’s sure to be many) list of 2010’s big trends. When the National Restaurant Association asked a couple thousand chefs what they thought would be this year’s standouts, one-third of them responded with the grow-your-own garden, making it the top response in the “hottest restaurant concept”.

You can read more about the survey on the NPR site. Or you could make your way to Seattle’s (many) garden spots. We’ve put together a list of them for you.

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