So There is This Cocktail-Pairing Dinner at Elemental…

September 9, 2010

Elemental hosts a cocktail dinner celebrating local lady bartenders on September 26.

…and it’s going to feature six female bartenders. “Because we’ve done these cocktail dinners before and they’re total testosterone fests,” said chef Laurie Riedeman, who owns Elemental alongside Phred Westfall.

These are the bartenders: Anu Apte (Rob Roy), Tara MacLachan (Zig Zag Café), Marley Tomic-Beard (Spur), Sidonie Rodman (The Fairmont Olympic), Mistralkitchen’s Ashley Pugh, and Chelsea Anderson from Sun Liquor.

Each of the women will stand up before her cocktail is served and explain what’s in it and how it’s made. The bartenders will all be working with sponsor spirit Santa Maria al Monte Amaro, an herbaceous digestivo from the Italian alps. In typical Elemental fashion, the menu will not be announced prior to the dinner; you eat what arrives and what arrives is good.

The price is $75, the dinner starts at 6pm, and it is, unfortunately, sold out. But here’s the thing! There’s a waiting list. That waiting list now has four people on it. If Elemental gets eight more people on the list, they’ll open up the Elemental Next Door (the couple’s second, more casual restaurant which is—do I need to say this?—next door) and expand the dinner into that space too. I gotta say, it sounds like a pretty cool event.

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