Happy Hour at the Walrus and the Carpenter

Renee Erickson’s new Ballard Ave oyster bar is now offering discounts on weekday evenings (not Friday).

August 24, 2010

As of yesterday, the Walrus and the Carpenter, Renee Erickson’s pretty little oyster bar in the Kolstrand Building on Ballard Ave, has a happy hour. And while it does have one twist, the plot of this HH isn’t nearly as difficult to follow as that at Chef Erickson’s other white-on-white eatery, Boat Street Cafe.

For one thing, you don’t need a reservation. If fact, Walrus doesn’t even take reservations. HH is from 4 to 6pm Monday through Thursday.

But here’s the thing, the earlier you get there, the cheaper the oyster. Like at Elliott’s. It’s called a progressive happy hour, because it gets progressively more expensive. At Walrus between 4 and 5pm, oysters—Kumamotos, kusshis, etc.—are half off (so, $1 or $1.50, depending on which types you choose.) Then from 5 to 6pm, they’re only a quarter off (so, $1.50 or $2).

Drink discounts are not progressive. From 4 to 6pm, the restaurant takes $1 off glasses of muscadet, the classic oyster pairing wine, $1 off draught beers, and $2 off craft cocktails.

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