Seattleites spend an average of $36 on coffee every month, per the Beast.

I have a research (nerd) background, which prompts me to get a little prickly about consumer pubs and their funky methodologies for creating top 10 lists, but this one seems relatively solid. Seattle is the Caffeine Capital of America, according to findings from The Daily Beast.

Such a declaration may seem obvious, but Portland’s been making moves.

Here are Seattle’s stats, per the article.

Coffee shops per 100,000 residents: 35
Caffeine survey rank: 2
Average monthly spending on coffee: $36

The Beast started by determining which cities had the most coffee shops in relation to residents. Some of these, like Portland, were not included in the caffeine survey they used for the second stat, so the Daily Beast normalized those scores. The average monthly spending on coffee came from a survey from the first quarter of 2010.

Stumptown has only has 28 coffee shops per 100,000 residents. (How do they survive down there?) and its residents spend an average of just $33 on coffee per month. Honestly, seems pretty close to me. But still, you take a win where you can get it, know what I mean?

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