Patric Gabre-Kidan will manage the Book Bindery when it opens.

Nosh Pit readers will recall in early June we surfaced the news Patric Gabre-Kidan, former business partner of Ethan Stowell, is a key player in the ambitious new restaurant the Book Bindery. He’ll manage the Fremont Canal bistro when it opens. When I last chatted with owner Mike Almquist, that was to be any day now.

But an update from Gabre-Kidan says the 20,000 square-foot space at 198 Nickerson Street—also slated to house a winery, custom crush facility, craft distillery, and tasting room—isn’t likely to make its debut until the first week of September. Why?

“It’s [a] complicated building so close to the canal…they [DPD] want to know we aren’t going to poison the fish more than the millions of boat spewing diesel fuel already are.”

Bummer, we’re getting antsy to sample the culinary chops of chef Shaun McCrain.