Bars with Free Wi-Fi Where You Might Actually Want Free Wi-Fi

Business and pleasure mix at these 11 drinkeries.

July 2, 2010


Liberty Bar has sofas, WiFi, Stumptown Coffee, and whiskey. Lots of whiskey.

Want an early start on the long weekend? Work from home! And by work from home I mean work at the bar! It’s a nasty day anyway, might as well drown your no-summer-weather-having sorrows in a Guinness or two.

Courtesy of our web editor Chris Werner who skipped town for greener—or at least dryer—Fourth of July pastures, here is a list of bars with free internet action.

To make the cut, the bars had to have free Wi-Fi, duh, but they also had to be places that 1. I would recommend visiting, with or without your computer, and 2. I would actually feel comfortable flipping open a laptop.

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