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Is It Just Me, or Is Peanut Butter Everywhere?

A question to ponder.

By Kathryn Robinson June 2, 2010

RUN! It’s everywhere!

About a month ago, I encountered a peanut butter bacon burger on the menu at that newish Ballard joint, Hamburger Harry’s. Didn’t order it.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw that Homegrown, that sandwich place in Fremont, had something called the Bluffernutter on its menu. Zoe’s bacon, housemade marshmallow fluff, and crunchy peanut butter—all grilled up. Really didn’t order it.

Then last week, the piece de resistance, at the new lunch-brunch sensation Nettletown. A peanut butter and turmeric salmon sandwich.

WHAT IS HAPPENING?? I cried out to the universe. And I ordered it.

It was stunning, the peanut butter going all Thai-peanut-sauce on the fish, helped along in its Asian endeavors by copious amounts of cilantro and garlic and crispy pickled vegetables.

Don’t know what’s up with the peanut butter fetishism in full display around town. But in at least one place it’s making me very happy indeed.

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