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Tonight: Hunter Gatherer Lodge Inaugurates Rooftop Deck

Drink specials and DJ music at the place where the War Room used to be.

June 3, 2010

Add Samantha Ronson to this meeting of the minds (actually, is that her pointy little elbow?) and you have all the living DJs whose names I know. I’m not counting the 4 or 5 guys with whom I shared a house during senior year of college. I’m

Hunter Gatherer Lodge, the new-ish club in that cedary building on Pike you used to call the War Room, is kicking off the deck season (I’m not going to make a weather joke) tonight with a party on its rooftop patio. Head up to the roof for DJ music and drink specials that include $2 Rainier beers, $3 wells, $8 cocktails, and $6 Batch 206 Vodka drinks.

Whaz Batch 206 vodka? Dude, I already told you. Owner Marcus Lalario is part owner of the HG Lodge too. Busy guy.

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