Wine with dinner

No Corkage Fee for Washington Wines at Russell’s

That fee restaurants charge when you bring your own wine? Doesn’t have to happen in this Bothell barn

By Kathryn Robinson May 17, 2010

Sun's out, corks out.

Russell’s Dining & Bar delivers hands-down the finest food one can get in a restored barn in the middle of a Bothell meadow. The reason? Chef and owner Russell Dean Lowell, whose eponymous catering business has been wowing Northwesterners for a decade and a half.

When he opened his big restaurant (Lowell also runs the Garden Cafe at Molbak’s in Woodinville), the chef wanted to promote wines in his own backyard—Woodinville’s just down the road—and his home state. So to encourage guests to bring in local bottles, he waived the $10 corkage fee.

Not that $10 for corkage is exorbitant in the first place…I’ve been charged $40 to be corkscrewed in this town. But you have got to love Russell’s good nature and home-team boosterism. So come to dinner…and bring your favorite local bottle.

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