Happy Hour

Fonte Changed Its Happy Hour Again

Where once were lamb sliders, now are dried meats and pizzas

May 7, 2010

The lamb sliders weren’t on the menu, which made me sad. But there are pizzas now and they are tasty. On the HH menu: a pizza of the day for $10. This pizza is little, about the size of a microwave pizza designed for a single person, but far happier in every other way.

Fonte bought a big shiny meat slicer, and you can get all manner of charcuterie. There are also some really fantastic cheeses. Just like every other restaurant, Fonte doesn’t give you enough bread with the cheese plate, so if you’re sharing with others you have to worry about not taking too much because really there is not enough to go around. What are you going to do? Restaurants just don’t like giving up the bread. It’s not as bad as the situation with hummus plates, which usually feature a cup or more of hummus and maybe two sliced pita rounds. Cheese you can eat without bread, at least, but what are you supposed to do with all that hummus? I don’t get it.

There are also specialty cocktails now, and wines by the glass and tap beers are still $5 and $3 respectively during happy hour—it is my opinion that the Jezebel Blanc (Jezebel is the second label of Daedalus Cellars), tastes good with everything. Happy hour at Fonte is 5 to 6:30pm and 8 to 9pm Sunday through Thursday, and from 5:30 to 6:30 and again from 9 to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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