Happy Hour

All-Night Happy Hour at Wann

Two nights a week, the Belltown sushi bar keeps it cheap into the wee hours.

April 5, 2010

Soft-lit booths line the back wall at Wann.

Every Monday and Tuesday night Wann on Second Avenue has happy hour all night long. Judging it by its drab exterior and neither-here-nor-there location, I never would have found this place on my own. So I’ll tell you who first turned me on to Wann. It was famed blogger/photographer Seattle Bon Vivant.

Listen to this lady when she tells you something. Wann is handsome inside—you should insist on sitting in one of the booths in the back that are so cozy and private and gently lit that they class up the experience considerably. During HH, small plates start at $1 (miso soup) and end at $6 (tempura udon). The rolls are all $4 and are pretty much the usual suspects (spicy Tuna, Spider roll, etc). Five pieces of sashimi (yellowtail, eel, albacore, salmon) are $8, and then there are three sushi combos for $5, $6, and $10.

Here is where I should tell you that, due to sustainability-related freakouts surrounding fish, my experience at Wann is largely relegated to the small plates menu. Eating sushi is complicated: Yellowtail is no good, eel is worse, you’re only supposed to eat albacore if it comes from BC, Hawaii, or the US Pacific coast. By the time I start wondering whether the salmon is farmed or not I have generally bored myself and my dining companions out of the mood for raw fish.

But I have had good experiences with other menu items, beginning with the all-important edamame—referred to, at Wann, as chamame and served much less steamed-to-a-shrivel than at so many other sushi bars. The seaweed salad was gently dressed and refreshing, and the fried-with-finesse atsuage tofu was a triumph of consistency. The tempura udon was kind of a mess—crazy wormlike udon noodles swimming in a salty broth of soggy deep-fried zucchini and prawns—but otherwise the dishes were surprisingly fresh and well-seasoned, adding up to a light dinner that paired perfectly with a cold Sapporo.

Happy hour begins at 4pm at Wann. Wednesday through Sunday it lasts until 7pm in the dining room, 8pm at the bar. Also at the bar on Friday and Saturday: a late-night HH from 11pm-2am.

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