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New Obsession: Roti at Thai Curry Simple

The execution is spot on, even if the spelling is off.

By Christopher Werner April 7, 2010

Of the many wonderful things that came with living in Thailand post-college, the food was right at the top. Especially the roti.

Roti (or ro tee, as it’s spelled at the new I.D. joint Thai Curry Simple )is the Asian equivalent of a crepe—thin, floppy, flatbready. Shaped like a Fruit Roll-Up, a roti’s center teems with any number of toppings and spreads, both savory and sweet.

In Thailand roti is commonly served as a breakfast nosh, though I always found my personal favorite, ones awash with condensed milk and sugar, made for more of a dessert, for obvious reasons. But hey, hand me one of these at sunrise and I’m not gonna complain.

Thai Curry Simple’s milk-sugar variety costs $2. There are four other kinds from which to choose: cheese ($2.50), chocolate (ditto), chocolate and banana ($3), and scrambled egg ($3.50). All are drizzled with copious amounts of condensed milk (oh, how sweet it is!), so be sure to reserve the last few bites for dipping—you won’t want to waste that puddle gathered in your paper wrap.

The panfried roll-ups at Thai Curry Simple simply are the best I’ve ever tasted. It would crush him to hear it, but they’re even better than the ones my go-to roti man whipped up on that dusty, deserted drag in the Thai town of Bankhwao.

For those with more of a lunch bent, Simple serves curry and other Thai specialties for $5 weekdays 11am-3pm. The place fills up fast and it’s small, so plan accordingly.

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