Dave Meinert is sort of this idol for Seattle partygoers. He has a stake in the annual Capitol Hill Block Party; in 2009 he took over Belltown dive Five Point Café; he helped resurrect The Crocodile. Now he’s pushing the Liquor Board to get rid of the 2am bar call and instead stagger the closing times of Seattle bars.

If you are one such partygoer and you’d like to say thanks, Dave, buy him Bushmills on the rocks, his favorite drink. Just be sure to get it with two little straws—that’s how he likes it.

What is your guilty food pleasure?
I don’t really have guilt issues, but right at the moment I’m eating Samoas Girl Scout cookies, and it’s probably not helping my diet. But then I’m supporting the Girls Scouts, so that’s good karma, right? So no guilt.

When you have out-of-town guests, what restaurant do you take them to?
I tend to avoid all the nuevo trendy foodie places as they aren’t so much the interesting side of Seattle I want to show visitors. And I definitely take guests to places I’m involved with like The 5 Point, and Via Tribunali in Belltown (great booths). Other than that, depending on the person and who’s paying, Canlis, Brad’s Swingside Cafe, and Chen’s Chinese Village on Elliott are some of my favorites.

What is your favorite coffee and coffee venue?
Caffe Vita is definitely my favorite coffee. I drink a lot of their Americanos, and they are the only local coffee whose drip can hold up over a whole breakfast at a diner (try this out at the Chelan if you want to test this theory). And I visit the Caffe Vita on Pike St on Capitol Hill a lot. A close second is my neighborhood coffee shop Muse. Totally unique design, great employees, and the owner Brent is always awesome to talk with about politics, babies, or just about anything, really.

Is there an ingredient you are really into right now?
Over the last decade my partner Mandy and I have stayed away from eating a lot of chicken, but as of late we’re on a chicken kick. So new and different chicken recipes seems to be our current thing.

Favorite book?
Foucault’s Pendulum, but Geek Love runs a close second.

I don’t typically use cookbooks, but if Brad at the Swingside Cafe wrote one I’d definitely try it out. Other than that, the Anarchist Cookbook seems interesting.

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