$2.35 Food Find

Pupusas at Guanaco’s Tacos Pupuseria

The newest addition to Broadway’s ethnic eats scene stands out thanks to these $2.35 tortillas.

By Christopher Werner April 15, 2010

219 Broadway (aka “The Alley”) is becoming somewhat of an ethnic eats temple. It houses Hana. There’s Kimchi Bistro. And now comes Guanaco’s Tacos Pupuseria, which opened Monday.

This is the second branch for the Salvadoran restaurant whose first location at 4106 Brooklyn Ave NE in the U District debuted years ago. On the menu are plenty of cheap goodies to discover—fried yucca, stuffed poblano peppers, sweet plantain pockets—but what brings the buzz are the pupusas.

Mitt-sized tortillas made with corn or rice flour, pupusas maintain both the floppiness of a pancake and the tough chew of pita bread. They are perfectly round, and at Guanaco’s come stuffed with a pasty chicharrón (pork) or chicken and a variety of veggies: spinach, ayote (zucchini), jalapenos, refried beans. Mix and match ingredients, have them all, sample just one—it’s your choice—just be sure to order yours with cheese and loroco, a tropical herb.

Here the pupusas cost $2.35 each and arrive with a side of sweet slaw, and you can dress them up with a red or green salsa (go for the red, it has more kick). Two will satisfy a determined nosher, order three and you’re asking for food coma—these guys are heavy.

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