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Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

A trio of joints we wish we could have sampled for our pizza smackdown.

By Kathryn Robinson April 7, 2010

You know you want it

It’s not that we didn’t spend all fall eating ourselves into a pizza coma.

For our pizza smackdown in March, our team of dedicated digesters tore into pies from nearly 60 Seattle-area pizzerias, choosing 22 to highlight and 10 to win our individually-designed contests. Good fun all around.

But three joints too new to fairly sample have recently seized our attention in positive ways. Have you eaten in any of them? We want to know what you think.

One, Pizzeria Napoletana opened just days ago—after the pizza issue was already off the stands. But we’re intrigued: It’s the project of Chris McConnell, son of coffee/pizza mogul Mike McConnell (Caffe Vita/Via Tribunali) and early word from tasters we trust says the Neapolitan-style pies whooshing out of the 1000-degree volcanic brick oven are as crisped and flavorful as Via Trib’s.

Plus it has the chutzpah to open in Pioneer Square. Which in that beleaguered neighborhood’s current climate feels a little like a bunch of rodents launching a startup on the Lido deck of the Titanic. Bravo Napoletana!

I’m equally sorry we didn’t sample MOD Pizza, another newbie which was going through a growth spurt (it’s opening its third location, in the U District, the end of this month) and consequent press introductions as we were belching our way to press.

MOD’s deal is “made on demand” (get it?) pizzas, 11 inches, blistered in the oven blisteringly fast. Value is the byword, I mean along with speed, and the whole concept is the brainchild of the locals who began Seattle Coffee Company, along with luminaries from Starbucks and Top Pot Doughnuts. Look for outposts in the high traffic areas of downtown, Bellevue, and (soon) the U District.

Finally, we’re most excited to try the pizzeria which has become in its first eight months the pride of White Center: Proletariat Pizza. “Addictive,” “a thin crust with a toothsome texture,” and “divine” is what we’re hearing about this neighborhood fave. There’s even a pie made with Spam!

Can’t wait to try it.

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