Soon to be Pintxo.

Pintxo, the restaurant taking over Txori upon its closure April 19, will open April 23 at 5pm.

Owners C.J. Chaney and Cory Chigbrow are in the process of selecting a chef and expect to make an announcement mid next week. The two are developing their own menu, though it will very much continue in the same vein as its predecessor. Cosmetically, the space will stay the same, Chaney told me, adding that being such fans of Txori, he and Chigbrow are eager to build on what owner Carolin Messier has established rather than start anew.

Once up and running, Chaney said he hopes to serve weekend brunch. He also looks forward to expanding on the Txori tradition of monthly communal dinners, transforming them into weekly Sunday suppers.

For several months Chaney and Chigbrow, both Belltown residents, had been looking to get into the local restaurant scene. About five months ago they heard rumors of Txori shuttering and first approached Messier last month, Chaney said.

As for relevant experience: Chigbrow started a restaurant in southern California years ago, and Chaney’s family is very involved in the food industry.

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