Rat and Raven Owners Buy Goldie’s on 45th

Expect a more upscale version of the Wallingford sports bar by June 1.

April 23, 2010

Iron Bull returns to Wallingford

Goldie’s Sports Bar, on the corner of 45th Street and Bagley Avenue North in Wallingford, has been purchased by Gerald Simonsen and Bernie McGuire, the duo behind The Rat and Raven in the U District. (Simonsen also owns the building that houses Redwood on Capitol Hill. McGuire counts Capitol Hill’s Clever Dunnes, a place where I regularly try to force my coworkers to do Irish car bombs, among his assets.)

Simonsen told me they plan to keep the pool tables but restore the sports bar’s original, much cooler name: Iron Bull.

When the bar reopens, says Simonsen, it will be an upscale version of the Goldie’s we know and love, with a lot of “cosmetic changes,” including a kickass TV system with “the full NFL package.” Simonsen says the menu will resemble that at The Rat and Raven, where pub fare like burgers, fish and chips, and shrimp poppers are what’s for dinner—Just the things for luring football-illiterate little piglets like me to the sports bar.

Simonsen and McGuire hope to open Iron Bull by June 1.

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