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Some Food Freebies

From tacos to brownies to fries.

By Christopher Werner April 9, 2010

Free today!

In the coming week there is free food to be had, people. But first, more heartening news of a local biz expanding: Today Essential Baking Company opens a new cafe in Georgetown at 5601 First Avenue. This marks the third storefront for Essential, the other two being in Madison Valley and Wallingford.

To celebrate, the cafe today is giving away complimentary fudge brownies until 2:15pm. Next Friday the artisanal bakery will serve free 8 oz. coffee all day.

On Thursday (that’s Tax Day, to you procrastinators) Tango Restaurant and Lounge’s much-loved Diablo Dessert is again gratis.

Also on Thursday: If you agree with Taco Del Mar’s claim “Taxes $uck! Tacos Don’t!”, then register on their website to receive a taco on the house.

And, finally, at the risk of beating a dead horse, free fries for all at Pike Street Fish Fry next Friday, the 16th.

Happy free feastin’.

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