Midday Matters

Oh Happy Day for Downtown Drones

Cherry Street has brought back the good bread.

By Jessica Voelker April 9, 2010

Cherry Street Coffee House: Five downtown locations.

Fast, healthy, tasty: the all-important, all-too-rare qualities we need from our weekday lunch spots. For a long time Cherry Street Coffee possessed all three. A cup of its homemade black bean soup topped with feta and accompanied by toasted olive bread was a happy little break on a wet, wintery Wednesday.

But then Cherry Street switched from sandwich bread to these sad, sad, rolls that never tasted totally fresh and left your mouth feeling all powdery. But now—oh happy day—the sliced bread has returned.

“We had a olive revolution!” Cherry Street’s AJ Ghambari wrote to me in an exclamation point-packed email. “The sliced bread is here to stay! Also sliced wheat! Our customers said ‘bring it back.’ Plus the rolls we getting to be way too inconsistent.”

Way to go Cherry Street customers. The good bread is back.

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