What's for Lunch?

Another Lunchtime Delivery Service to Love

Baguette Box boxes up banh mi, delivers to greater downtown.

By Christopher Werner April 5, 2010

Hey, did you know Baguette Box delivers? While its upscale big brother Monsoon East livens up lunch for the eastside crowd, the Box brings gourmet banh mi to Capitol and First Hills, downtown, Fremont, and Westlake for free weekdays 11am-noon. (Want it later? You’ll have to shell out $10.)

The meals arrive in the form of a boxed sandwich or salad. Sandwiches—choose between hot and cold—come with a side salad and cost $9.95–$12.50, while salad sets are slightly cheaper at $9.95–$10.95; a banana cake with coconut sauce sweetens both meals. Sides (love those handcut truffle fries) are available as well, all of them under $5.

A couple things to note: an order must be $50 or consist of four box lunches. Call before 4pm if you want to place an order for the next day.

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