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A Wild West Kind of Night in Belltown

V-bar owner fired a pistol in the street to ward off a disorderly customer, then tried to hide the gun.

March 17, 2010

SeattleCrime.Com’s Jonah Spangenthal-Lee reported today that just after midnight on March 17, the female owner of V-bar Noodle Bar and Lounge fired a pistol in the street in an attempt to ward off a disorderly customer.

From the article:

…a 22 year old male was a patron of the establishment when a disturbance broke out inside the bar. The staff had refused to serve him any more alcohol. There were witness reports that the suspect had a knife and was attempting to cut people with it…outside, the male suspect broke a plate glass window on the front of the bar. The 33 year old female owner of the bar was also outside during the disturbance. She went into the bar to retrieve a pistol. She returned outside and fired the gun towards the group that was fighting. Fortunately, no one was hit….When asked where the pistol was, she directed officers to a location inside where she handed over a .45 caliber pistol. However, the casing and bullet recovered at the scene outside belonged to a 9mm. The pistol she had used was located hidden in the kitchen trash can.

The article did not specify that the pistol wielder was Trish Le, who owns the V-Bar with Jeff Pham. So far the V-Bar has not responded to my request for comment. Spangenthal-Lee reported that both the customer and the pistol-packing publican were arrested.

In a not entirely unrelated bit of news, interim police chief John Diaz announced this morning that the city will increase police presence in Downtown, Belltown, and Pioneer Square beginning April 1.

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