Reality Bites

Café Juanita chef Holly Smith returns to the Iron Chef franchise, celebrates with a special dinner

Reserve now to secure one of 20 seats at the April 11 dinner.

By Jessica Voelker March 12, 2010

Café Juanita chef and owner Holly Smith, who competed on the second season of The Next Iron Chef, is set to return to the franchise: Her Iron Chef America bout will air on Sunday, April 11 at 9pm.

I watched Smith go down on the second episode of The Next Iron Chef, and it just went to show me that how one fares on a cooking reality show is no reflection of his or her talents. Her restaurant is wonderful. If for whatever reason you haven’t been there, go. It’s this tranquil little place in Kirkland surrounded by trees and filled with beautifully simple Northern Italian food plus knockout Italian wines. It exudes food-focused modesty and warmth and yet feels high end and detail-focused enough to befit all special occasions. Plus, the staff knows its stuff but is cool about it.

Café Juanita is having a special Iron Chef spring dinner in the restaurant’s private dining room on April 11. It’s $150 per person with wine parings, and begins at 6:30pm. There are only 20 seats, so reserve right away. The restaurant is offering another special dinner, on April 10, to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Call Café Juanita for details.

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